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Lucas Tree Experts: Evergreen Lawn Care, Plant Care, and Tree Services in Maine

If you’re looking for responsible residential lawn, plant, and tree care for your property, you’ve come to the right place. As Maine’s premier lawn care services company, we think of ourselves as stewards of your lawn, your property, and our environment. It’s our job and commitment to treat each property as if it’s our own. Lucas lawn agronomists and arborists provide everything from tree removal, to Evergreen Lawn Care™ programs, deep root fertilization, and mosquito, tick and moth control.

As a third generation family business, Lucas Tree Experts has built a loyal base of customers who have chosen our environmentally responsible approach to lawn and tree care for more than 80 years. Knowing that your property is personal, our TCIA-accredited Residential Services Division employees and Maine Licensed Arborists take a caring approach. For us it’s more than lawn care…it’s making sustainable choices that suit our customer needs while also caring for the environment, reducing pesticide use, and minimizing our carbon footprint.

You may have heard the term “Safety Takes Every Person” – this is something we practice every day at Lucas Tree Experts. Each of our employees goes through a rigorous new employee orientation and is supported daily by our Safety Department. We practice commitment, accountability, responsibility, and continuous improvement to ensure all of our lawn and tree care services are done safely and correctly.

Want your lawn, plants, and trees to thrive? Looking for a team that is dedicated to safe and reliable lawn and tree care? Leave it to Lucas. To connect with Lucas Tree Experts in Portland Maine, contact us online or call (207) 797-7294 now!

Tree Removal and Care Services

When the tall trees on your property begin to lean precipitously or are dying from disease, insect infestation, or storm damage, it’s time to contact a tree service professional. At Lucas Tree Experts, we take a responsible, caring approach to tree care and our team of professionals have the training, credentials, and equipment necessary to perform tree removal safely and effectively.

In addition to tree removal, Lucas Residential Services provide everything from tree pruning and tree repair, to limb removal and stump grinding. Of course, the most effective way to reduce the risks of property damage is to practice preventative tree maintenance. Our arborists are trained to spot any potential problems and let you know what needs to be done now to keep you from harm’s way in the future. Lucas arborists are certified in all aspects of the ever-changing world of professional arboriculture. Our TCIA accreditation and numerous industry certifications are based on strict adherence to industry standards for safety, quality, training, and continuing education.

For more information about our tree services, contact us online or call (207) 797-7294 today and learn about our commitment to excellence and providing safe, reliable services for all our Lucas Tree customers.

Evergreen Lawn Care™ Programs

Looking for a healthy, green lawn, but also seeking to keep the environment in mind? Ask about Evergreen Lawn Care™ Programs. Whether you desire a total organic program or just want to minimize pesticide use, Evergreen Lawn Care™ has a responsible lawn care program for you.

For more information about our Evergreen Lawn Care™ Programs, contact us online or call (207) 797-7294 today and learn how our various environmentally friendly options can fit your lawn care needs.

Plant Care and Deep Root Fertilization
Just like our bodies need regular upkeep, so do plants. Depending on your needs, Lucas Tree Experts can customize a plant healthcare program for your home’s landscape. Our team of Lucas Arborists and Plant Health Care technicians work closely together to develop an effective program for your property. Services include periodic visits during the growing season to monitor your landscaping for plant damage and treating any plants that require attention. All of our plant health care services and programs will use the minimum amount of chemicals needed to control pests or disease and to ensure the safety of your family and pets.

For more information about plant care and deep root fertilization, contact us online or call (207) 797-7294 today and learn more about what your lawn, trees, and plants need to thrive.

Mosquito and Tick Control

If you have a mosquito or tick problem, don’t take any chances. The presence of these disease carrying pests around your home are a real cause for concern. In recent years, diseases that pose dangerous health risks to humans and animals such as West Nile Virus (WNV), Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis have increased dramatically in Maine and across the country. With the help of our professional pest control services, Lucas Tree can eliminate or prevent infestations on your property and greatly reduce the risk of you or your loved ones of contracting a devastating mosquito or tick-borne disease.

Lucas Tree offers complete programs for residential mosquito control and tick control and prevention. These highly effective programs, staffed by our state-licensed applicators, can control the adult pest populations on your property safely and effectively.

Need to rid your lawn of harmful ticks, mosquitoes or other pests? Contact us online or call (207) 797-7294 today to discuss your options.

Winter Moth

Many people think lawn and tree care go into hibernation in the late-Fall and Winter, but Winter moths can cause significant and lasting damage to our hardwood trees. Timing of winter moth control in Maine is crucial and is not a recommended task for do-it-yourself homeowners. Our arborists are trained in professional winter moth control and will work closely with you to develop a property-specific safe and effective winter moth prevention or treatment plan. We also specialize in Brown Tail Moth lawn and tree care.

Not sure if you have a moth problem? Contact us online or call (207) 797-7294 now to discuss next steps to protect your lawn and trees during all of Maine’s seasons.

Brown Tail Moth

As an invasive species only native to coastal parts of New England, Brown Tail Moth is a concern for both plant and human health. During the Spring months, it’s important to protect your family from skin issues, rash and respiratory issues, as well as your property from these nuisance insects. Our arborists are trained in professional brown tail moth control and removal, and we want to work with you to protect your personal and property health by devising an effective brown tail moth prevention and treatment plan.

Not sure if you have a moth problem? Contact us online or call (207) 797-7294 now to discuss next steps to protect your lawn and trees during all of Maine’s seasons.

Storm Service

Bad weather doesn’t make an appointment. From Nor’easters to hurricanes; blizzards to thunderstorms, it’s good to know who to call if an emergency does occur. That’s why Lucas Tree Experts launched the 24-hour StormLine hotline. Our StormLine is available during major storms for homeowners in Cumberland County and parts of York County.

To know when our StormLine Team is on call, visit on the StormLine Service page or call us at (207) 797-2800 ext. 3005.


“Lucas Tree has completed a number of planned and emergency jobs for us over the past five or so years and we have always been thrilled with their service. They are attentive, responsive, and professional and solve problems on the fly when faced with unexpected issues. I highly recommend them.”

Sarah Begin Cameron

“We had a very large pine fall on our house and broke into the roof. Marty and his team at Lucas Tree Experts did a phenomenal job at removing the tree. They were very methodical and careful to not do further damage during the extraction. It was clear that they thought through every move and were always anticipating the next step. They also took care to preserve our yard and cleaned up afterwards. They are very professional and I highly recommend them.”

Lisa Neavyn
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