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Winter Tree Care: Preparation for Evergreens

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If you have rhododendrons, laurels, azaleas or other evergreens as part of your permanent landscaping, have you ever thought about what they experience during a Maine winter? Evergreens work hard to stay green all year long but winter can definitely take its toll. Working with your tree care, shrub and lawn professional at Lucas Tree Experts will ensure your laurels and other evergreens are ready for winter so that they can thrive in spring and summer.

Three primary steps for winter tree care preparation:

More winter tree care tipsWater. Before the first frost hits, give each of your evergreens a through watering. A solid 10 to 15 minutes should do, depending on the size of the plant.

Mulch. Most of your garden beds are probably mulched to help keep moisture in during the summer, but mulch also provides insulation for the winter, preventing the ground from freezing too early.

Protect. Applying anti-desiccant will help your evergreens stay hydrated; this is also known as wilt-proofing. When applied, it leaves a thin waxy layer to protect the foliage and help retain moisture. This is especially important to evergreens that are in susceptible locations like waterfront, large fields or open areas where the wind whirls.

Wilted rhododendrons and other winter tree care tips Together, these three steps can help your evergreens survive a harsh winter and thrive come spring. The trusted tree care professionals and Lucas Tree Experts will make sure your evergreens are ready for winter and will reapply treatments as needed (anti-desiccants may need to be reapplied if there are any warm spikes during the winter months) throughout the winter. When the snow melts and spring returns to Maine, your evergreens will thank you for their winter protections.