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Winter is a Great Time for Tree Care

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winter tree care in maineWinter can be a good time to take care of many home projects indoors, but it’s also a great time to take stock on the size, shape and condition of the trees on your property. With the New Year now well underway, we offer a few reasons why homeowners should consider calling in a tree care professional before spring arrives.

I Can See Clearly Now, The Leaves Are Gone

During this time of year, professional tree service companies such as Lucas Tree Experts can see exactly what the structure of the tree itself looks like – without leaves blocking their view. This gives licensed arborists an unimpeded look at the entire tree and the chance to scrutinize each branch. This allows the crew to easily visualize which pruning cuts are necessary.

In addition to increased visibility, here are a few more reasons why it’s a good idea to consider scheduling tree work in the winter.

Terra (is more) firma – Arborists often use heavy equipment to safely access and remove large tree branches high above the ground. Equipment such as chippers, lifts and trucks can sometime sink into lawns and disturb the surrounding landscaping too. However, in late winter, not only is the ground typically frozen (making it less likely to be compressed by heavy equipment) and snow-covered, the turf grass, shrubs and other plants are lying dormant – making them much less susceptible to damage.

Sleeping trees are better patients Trees are also in a state of dormancy during the winter. As soon as the leaves of autumn fall away, trees shift all their energy into their roots, which are insulated from the cold. In the same way that people are relaxed through anesthesia prior to and during surgery making their bodies more receptive to the stress of the procedure, a dormant tree is much less likely to ‘bleed’ sap when limbs are removed from it. Pruning large limbs in winter greatly reduces the stress put on a tree, which in turn makes it much more likely to completely recover from the surgery, the cold air acting like an antiseptic that prevents airborne bacteria from entering the wound. Lastly, here in Maine, many of the birds and insects that invade or damage susceptible parts of trees have long since flown south for the winter. Fewer threats from pests can also aid the trees recovery.

Better availability – Typically, late winter is a slow time for tree care professionals. Despite the many advantages, people just don’t seem to think about outdoor landscaping projects after the holiday season has passed. What this means is that tree service companies are usually a lot more responsive and flexible when it comes to scheduling work. Often, turnaround times can be as little as a few days. Whereas during busy warmer months, it may take several weeks to pass before crews arrive onsite to complete the work. The one exception to this would be during periods of heavy snow, strong wind and icing. Following a severe weather event, tree service pros become very busy helping to remove downed or damaged trees from powerlines along roadways and on private property.

Customers who schedule tree services during winter will generally receive quotes that are lower than they might be during the middle of summer. Also, tree care companies may also be more flexible when it comes to the scope of the project. With fewer job scheduled for each day, arborists may be more willing to do additional work (for little to no additional cost) simply because they may not have another project scheduled that day.

Let the Sun Shine in With Professional Tree Care Services

Lastly, admit it. Even with a yardscape filled with squirrels and birds taking turns at the feeder, it can get boring looking out the window during the cold and dreary late winter in Maine. Entertain your kids (and maybe yourself) by hiring an experienced tree service crew to come and orchestrate a high-flying, boisterous, chain saw symphony in your front lawn. Then, when spring and summer finally arrives, you’ll be able to go out and enjoy even greater amounts of sunshine.

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