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Vegetation Management

Transmission Right-of-Way Clearance

Transmission right-of-way clearance for utilities customersIn order to stay in compliance with the guidelines of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), utilities need to effectively identify and remove vegetation hazards. Lucas uses the right equipment for the task to reclaim and establish right-of-ways for our customers through the use of GIS and LiDAR information accompanied by our specialized off-road equipment such as Jarraffs, Feller Bunchers, Harvesters, Skidders and Bronto Mowers.  Our off-road equipment receives GPS coordinates from our customers’ GIS information through Telematic units, so our crews are able to efficiently and cost-effectively mitigate potential vegetation hazards.  After completion of this work, an integrated approach with herbicide application thru pesticide certified arborists helps extend the vegetation maintenance cycle.