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Are Your Trees Vulnerable to a Fungus Infestation this Summer? Part One: Fruit Trees

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tree care tips apple tree fungiIt’s summer in Maine, finally! The weather has been all over the place and this greatly impacts the health of your lawn shrubs and tree care. We’ve had some cold, wet weather followed by blasts of heat and humidity this summer. This type of weather exacerbates fungal diseases; it excites the spores that propagate fungus in many trees. Fruit trees often take the brunt of summers like this, but pine, oak, maple, and others can often be vulnerable to infection as well.

Apple Scab


Tree care -- Apple Scab diseaseDuring summers like this one, apple trees are often impacted by fungal outbreaks. Apple Scab reveals itself as dull, black spots on the leaves or even fruit of the apple tree. While it won’t kill your tree, it will impact the fruit it bears as well as the desirability to eat that fruit. There is treatment available for Apple Scab, however it is most effective in the spring before the foliage and fruit have been impacted.

 Cedar Apple Rust

Another common fungal outbreak on your apple trees is nearly impossible to control but very easy to prevent. Cedar Apple Rust shows itself with yellow spots on your apple tree foliage. The spots will slowly get bigger and begin to show more shades of red and orange and may even lead to premature leaf drop. The cause? Nearby cedar trees, or another member of the juniper family.

tree care tips: apple rust fungusA summer like this is perfect for the Cedar Apple Rust-causing spores to complete their infectious cycle. This fungus cycles back and forth between apple trees and cedar trees, so ensuring that there are no cedar trees within a one-mile radius of your apples trees is the most effective plan for keeping your apples safe from this fungal infection. There are treatment options available, but the Cedar Apple Rust fungal infection will continue to reoccur with the presence of nearby cedar trees.

Treating your Fruit Trees for Fungus

Consulting with trusted tree, shrub and lawn care professionals at Lucas Tree Experts can provide confirmation of what’s happening with your apple and fruit trees. Give Lucas Tree Experts a call today! Together, our trusted team of tree care professionals will work with you to develop a plan to help your trees stay healthy and fight fungal infections.