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Are Your Trees Vulnerable to a Fungus Infestation this Summer? Part 2: Pine, Spruce, Oaks, Maples & More!

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Spruce tree care in MaineSpruce and Pine Trees

The combination of cold, wet, hot and humid weather this summer has left many coniferous trees vulnerable to fungal disease. A common disease known as Needle Cast has been making its mark on spruce and pine trees in the southern Maine region. Signs of Needle Cast include the yellowing and browning of last year’s needles, usually on the lower portion of your spruce and pine trees. The trees will also drop their needles prematurely, during summer.

There are treatments for Needle Cast, however, after treatment, it will take a season or two for the damaged areas to regenerate. Severe infestations, left untreated, will ultimately lead to the death of the tree due to lack of foliage. If you suspect Needle Cast, it’s a good idea to call a trusted tree, shrub and lawn care professional, like the folks at Lucas Tree Experts.

Tree care for birch trees in MaineOaks, Maples, Birch and Other Trees

Brown tail moth and winter moths may be the biggest threats to your shade trees, however, fungal diseases, such as anthracnose, can affect the health oaks, maples, birches and dogwoods. Signs of anthracnose include yellowing and browning of the leaves while the foliage curls and falls off prematurely. A variety of fungal diseases thrive during moist, warm weather, and they can impact your lawn and garden, too.

In most cases, fungal diseases can be managed with some attention and care. If you suspect your trees have a fungal infection or are showing signs of discoloration or premature leaf dropping, give the trusted tree, shrub and lawn care professionals at Lucas Tree Experts a call today. Our trusted team of tree care professionals can examine the health of your trees and help come up with a plan to keep your lawn, shrubs and trees healthy and disease free.