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3 Tips to Prepare Your Trees for Hurricanes and Winter Storms

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tree care for stormsWe’re rather fortunate, here in Maine, to avoid most hurricane activity. An occasional storm will survive the trip up the Atlantic Ocean but most do not. What we do see here in Maine is typically the remnants of Southern storms who’s wind and rain can be treacherous for homes and yards, mostly due to weak spots in trees. With winter weather approaching, having strong, happy trees is critically important, as the weight of snow and ice, paired with strong winds can be stressful on weakened trees.

Typically, trees are a resilient part of your property’s landscape. When cared for properly, they will prosper while providing beauty and shade. The professionals at Lucas Tree Experts can help ensure the health of your trees so that they continue to thrive and survive whatever Mother Nature throws our way. Thinking ahead about the health and wellness of your trees can extend their life and save you money and headaches later.

Tree care tips for damaged trees in Mainetree care for damaged treesTo maintain the health of our trees, we suggest keeping an eye on the following three things:

  1. Spots of decay. The presence of mushrooms are a big giveaway that your tree has areas of decay. Sawdust piles (as well as obvious nesting holes) also indicate that pests have moved in to these areas.
  2. Large dead limbs. This is easy to spot in the spring and summer months. Dead branches will remain bare and can easily break in a gentle wind.
  3. Look up at the limbs where your trees branch out. Do these resemble the letter “U” or “V”? This growth structure can provide insight to the strength of the tree’s branches. Note: The “U” structure is safer.

Chances are, these problem areas will be out of reach. Please remember that safety should always be the first priority, and working with a licensed tree care professional is often the safest remedy. The team at Lucas Tree Experts will inspect your trees and show you the areas of concern while making a treatment plant to restore your trees to better health. A tree care professional will have the proper equipment to take care of affected areas thoroughly and safely. If you suspect any trees on your property are showing signs of decay, dead branches or unsafe branching give our team a call for a free consultation.