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Residential professional lawn care services

Lawn Care

Lucas Residential has provided professional lawn care services for over a generation.  We know that every lawn is not the same.  We will analyze your lawn on every visit and service it according to the individual needs of your property.

When it comes to lawn care, preventative maintenance is the greatest possible means through which you can get the lush, green grass that you’ve always wanted, but taking care of a lawn is by no means an idle process. When you already have a busy schedule, it is easy to fall behind on routine care and end up with problems that require a great deal of time and resources to remedy. Lawn care isn’t simply a matter of mowing and watering; it is a complex process that requires a delicate balance of systematic care, and each lawn is unique in its own needs.

Lucas Tree Experts has been a leader in the professional lawn care service industry for over a generation. We understand that every lawn is different, and all of our lawn care programs are specifically tailored to the individual needs of your property. Upon every visit, we analyze your lawn and service it accordingly. We remove the guesswork from lawn care by taking care of the intensive and time-consuming jobs for you so that you can enjoy a beautiful yard with minimal maintenance. We take pride in providing quality goods and services to our customers, and we make every effort to not only meet all of your expectations, but to go above and beyond what the average lawn care company is able to offer.

Our Lawn Care Programs Include:

    • True Organics Program (TOP)— 4 visits annually
    • Basic Program— 4 visits annually
    • Intensive Program— 5 visits annually

Additional Services:

Why Lucas Lawn Care?

    • State-licensed pesticide applicators performing each application
    • Only premium products used
    • Fertilizer is phosphorus-free
    • Organic Lawn Care Program is “Truly Organic”—No synthetics or Biosolids


To Ensure Your Safety, Pesticide Use Is Best Left to Lawn Care Professionals

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to lawn care is using pesticides improperly. Pesticides can be incredibly toxic to the environment, and they can kill indiscriminately. When they are used with the intent to treat a specific problem, whether it is an overgrowth of weeds or an insect infestation, the damage that they can ultimately cause extends far beyond what they were created for unless used properly. When not applied correctly, they can disrupt the entire ecosystem of your property by killing off beneficial plants and insects that are necessary for maintaining a healthy landscape and they can be incredibly dangerous to humans and animals as well. Most poisoning from pesticides occurs during the mixing process, so if you are not absolutely sure of how to use them properly, it is always best to hire an expert from a lawn care company to assess and fix the problem rather than risking personal injury. If you have children in the house, it is even more important to call in the help of a trained professional who has access to the safest products available, knows how to apply them correctly, and can ensure you that you and your family are in no danger of coming into contact with them.

Make Lucas Tree Experts Your Lawn Care Service Provider

When you choose Lucas Tree Experts, you can rest assured that we take extra precaution when it comes to controlling and solving your lawn problems. We will ensure that the disease or pest issue is eliminated without disrupting the balance of your yard’s ecosystem or jeopardizing the health of your family and pets. For persistent pest problems, we offer our Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) where we use an individual monitoring system to ensure the effectiveness and safety of chemicals used on your property. A Lucas Plant Health Care technician will periodically visit your property during the growing season to survey the land and treat only the plants that require attention.

Our passion for learning new ways to lessen our carbon footprint is ever-growing, and our commitment to doing our part to preserve the future sustainability of the environment in which we work and live is unwavering. A strong dedication to minimizing environmental disruption is shared by our entire workforce, and it is one of the many qualities that set us apart from our competition. Our customers are the reason that we are able to continue doing what we love, and we believe that providing the highest-quality service possible is the greatest possible means through which we can show our appreciation. For more information about our lawn care services, talk with a Lucas Tree Expert today and find out how Lucas Tree Experts Residential Services can help you.