Residential tree service, lawn service, pest control & holiday lighting

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Residential Services

Residential tree service, lawn service, pest control & holiday lighting

Residential Services

For more than 80 years, our customers have trusted us to protect their most precious natural assets.  At Lucas Tree, we pride ourselves on our team of professionals and their commitment to deliver the safest, most reliable service available in Maine. As a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) accredited company, you can depend on Lucas Tree.  Our standards for worker safety, ethical business practices, and professionalism are widely recognized and respected as the best in our industry. From tree care and lawn care to holiday event lighting  and mosquito control, our team of skilled professionals are what make Lucas the dependable choice.

Tree Services

When the tall trees on your property begin to lean precipitously or are dying from disease, insect infestation, or storm damage, it’s time to contact a tree service professional. Because of the significant risks involved, safely removing a large tree or tree limb can be extremely dangerous and the work is best left to a specialist like Lucas Tree Experts. Why take chances with potential injuries or property damage? Our team of professionals have the training, credentials, and equipment necessary to perform this task safely and effectively.

In addition to tree removal, Lucas Residential Services provide everything from tree pruning and tree repair, to limb removal and stump grinding.  Of course, the most effective way to reduce the risks of property damage is to practice preventative tree maintenance. Our arborists are trained to spot any potential problems and let you know what needs to be done now to keep you from harm’s way in the future. Lucas arborists are certified in all aspects of the ever-changing world of professional arboriculture. Our TCIA accreditation and numerous industry certifications are based on strict adherence to industry standards for safety, quality, training, and continuing education. We are committed to excellence and providing safe, reliable services for all our Lucas Tree customers.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn care can be frustrating and labor intensive. Getting your lawn to look green and lush is a complex undertaking. Common lawn problems homeowners face include weeds, pests, lack of proper fertilization, and climate. Ignore any one of these conditions for even for as little as few days or weeks and you could be facing months of intensive repair to correct the damage done. If you’re like most homeowners, your busy schedule makes it virtually impossible to keep up with your lawn’s ever changing ecosystem. This is where Lucas can help make your life a little less stressful, and keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

Lucas Tree has been a leader in the professional lawn care service industry for more than 80 years. Because we know that every lawn is unique, all of our professional lawn care programs are custom tailored according to your landscape’s individual needs. Lucas will take the guesswork and uncertainty out of lawn care by doing all the intensive and time-consuming jobs for you, so you can… relax. For more information about our residential lawn care services, talk with a Lucas Tree Expert now and find out how we can help keep your lawn looking better and staying healthier.

Plant Health Care

Depending on your needs, Lucas Residential Services can customize a plant health care program for your home’s landscape. Our team of Lucas Arborists and Plant Health Care technicians work closely together to develop the safest and most effective program possible for your property.  Services include periodic visits during the growing season to monitor your landscaping for plant damage and treat any plants that require attention.  All of our plant health care services and programs will use the minimum amount of chemicals needed to control pests or disease and to ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Mosquito & Tick Control

If you have a mosquito or tick problem, don’t take any chances. The presence of these disease carrying pests around your home are a real cause for concern. In recent years, diseases that pose dangerous health risks to humans and animals such as West Nile Virus (WNV), Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis have increased dramatically in Maine and across the country. With the help of our professional pest control services, Lucas Tree can eliminate or prevent infestations on your property and greatly reduce the risk of you or your loved ones of contracting a devastating mosquito or tick-borne disease.

Lucas Tree offers complete programs for residential mosquito control and tick control and prevention. These highly effective programs, staffed by our state-licensed pesticide applicators, can control the adult pest populations on your property safely and effectively.

Winter Moth

Winter moths can cause significant and lasting damage to our hardwood trees. Timing of winter moth control in Maine is crucial, and is not a recommended task for do-it-yourself homeowners. If you are not sure if you have a winter moth problem, call Lucas. Our arborists are trained in professional winter moth control and will work closely with you to develop a property-specific safe and effective winter moth prevention or treatment plan.

Residential Holiday Lighting

Our professionally trained holiday lighting specialists know how to help simplify the holidays and turn your home into a “Holiday Festival of Lights.”  Lucas Tree uses only environmentally friendly premium LED lighting products installed with non-invasive fasteners to ensure the protection of your property. Our long-lasting LEDs, highest quality products, and proactive maintenance program ensure you of a picture-perfect display throughout the festive winter season. Let our residential Christmas lighting services experts take the stress out of the holidays for you this year!

StormLine Service

Bad weather doesn’t make an appointment.  From Nor’easters to hurricanes; blizzards to thunderstorms, it’s good to know who to call if an emergency does occur. That’s why Lucas Tree Experts launched the 24-hour StormLine hotline.  Our StormLine is available during major storms for homeowners in coastal regions of Southern Maine and as far west as South Paris between Kittery and Augusta. Our StormLine team has 65 bucket trucks and heavy equipment dedicated to emergency tree or tree limb removal. To know when our StormLine Team is on call, visit on the Lucas Tree home page and look for the StormLine alert.

When you hire Lucas Tree Experts, our professionalism, integrity and high standards of excellence are apparent in each service we perform. For more information about our residential services, talk with a Lucas Tree Expert today!