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Residential Services Announcement

Residential Services Announcement

All Residential Tree and Lawn Care Service Now Offered by Davey Tree

Lucas Tree Experts provides critical Integrated Vegetation Management services to utilities from Nova Scotia to the Carolinas. Now more than ever, our utility customers are relying on our essential workforce to provide the utility services so many rely on. It is our core business.

For many years we have also provided residential tree and lawn care services for customers in the greater Portland metro market. After considerable thought and consideration, we believe our residential customers are better served by an organization that is built for homeowner services and not utility work. To that end, we are pleased to announce that the Davey Tree Expert Company has agreed to purchase the Lucas residential tree and lawn care division; and will service all our friends and neighbors going forward—if you are so willing. Our residential arborists and lawn care professionals you have grown to trust for your home and property have agreed to join the Davey Tree team and are hoping to continue to provide you with outstanding service and results.

About Davey Tree
Davey Tree is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected residential tree service companies in the nation. They take a similar science-based approach to tree and plant health care as we do at Lucas. They are an employee owned company and have long operated their Maine office out of Westbrook. We are confident their organization will be excellent stewards of our residential customers and will provide new career opportunities for our talented team of arborists and technicians.

If your home needs tree removal, tree care, plant care, lawn care, or mosquito and tick control, please do not wait to contact the residential professionals at Davey Tree.

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