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Mosquito Infestation: What Works and What Doesn’t

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Everybody wants to get rid of mosquitoes, and this undeniable fact is reflected in the ever-growing number of pest control products available to consumers today. However, the majority of the big claims and promises that these products make don’t often follow through. Eliminating a mosquito infestation is not something that can be solved with a pricey bug zapper and a few citronella candles. Buying into the belief that it is that simple can prove to be just as frustrating as it is costly. The most effective way to eradicate an overpopulation of mosquitoes or ticks is to hire an experienced professional who is fully equipped to handle the situation in a way that eliminates any risk to property, people and pets. With all of the different pesticide options out there, choosing the correct one can be confusing and overwhelming. Choosing the wrong type, or using it incorrectly, has the potential to make the situation much worse by creating mosquitoes that are not only stronger, but resistant to pesticides. If that’s not bad enough, it can also result in widespread destruction to the environment by killing off beneficial insects that are necessary for the health of your lawn. When your yard is overrun by insects, it is time to hire a professional who will save you time, energy and money and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Steps That You Can Take to Solve Persistent Mosquito Problems

There are a few preventative measures that homeowners can take to limit their pest problems, and they all help to reduce the chance of unwanted scenarios such as mosquito or tick infestation. When it comes to pest prevention, eliminating the opportunity for them to breed is one of the smartest things that you can do. Walking around your property and identifying and destroying potential breeding grounds and hiding spots for mosquitoes is a necessity. Mosquitoes require water in order to complete their life cycle. Any body of stagnant or slow-moving water is all that females need to lay their eggs and produce a brand new generation of mosquitoes. Even more alarming is the fact that this process, from eggs to bites, can happen in as little as seven days. This means that any stagnant water, from gardening cans, your pet’s water bowl, a birdbath, or even in the saucer of a potted plant, should be dumped out at least twice a week in order to prevent any mosquito eggs from developing into adults.

Mosquito Problems Are a Widespread Health Concern

Worldwide, millions of people are killed as a result of mosquito-borne diseases, making it the single most deadly living creature on the planet. Species found in the United States are capable of transmitting Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), West Nile Virus (WNV) and several other diseases to humans, and the number of reported incidences over the past decade is certainly cause for concern. Mosquitoes are the sole cause of heartworms in cats and dogs, and the internal damage that they cause is undetectable for months after infection occurs.

While drastically reducing the mosquito population on your property is possible, it is unreasonable to expect a complete wipeout, so it is still important to protect yourself from them as much as possible in order to avoid bites. Wearing clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible when weather permits, and using mosquito repellants that contain DEET are effective ways to prevent dangerous encounters.

Signs That It’s Time for Professional Mosquito Control

If you’ve taken all of the recommended precautionary measures for reducing the mosquito population on your property and the situation hasn’t improved, the best thing to do is call a professional. The experts at Lucas Tree are highly experienced in dealing with all types of pest problems. We will analyze your specific problem and treat it accordingly so that you can feel comfortable being outside again. Our Lucas Mosquito & Tick Control program will rapidly reduce your pest population. Plus, we will help you to identify trouble areas on your property so that you are better equipped to prevent future pest problems.

At Lucas Tree Experts, we understand that you want to enjoy your yard fully during our often all-too-short New England summers. Our pest control services are specifically tailored to your property, and our experts will diagnose and treat your individual tick and mosquito problems without damaging the surrounding ecosystem. So, don’t waste your time and money buying ineffective products that do more harm than good. When you hire Lucas Tree Experts, you can rest assured knowing that the problem will be solved. Nature is meant to be appreciated, and we have the tools to eliminate the dangerous and unwanted elements so that you can take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the outdoors to its fullest.

For more information about preventing mosquito infestation problems, talk with a Lucas Tree Expert today and find out how Lucas’ Residential Services can help you.

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