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Maine Lawn & Yard Pest Control Update: May

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ticks in maineTick Season: Ticks are Active

As warm temperatures descend upon Maine, everyone is excited to get outside and start enjoying their yards again. But chances are, you, your kids, or your pets have already returned inside with a tick or several ticks crawling on you. Once temperatures surge above freezing, ticks become active and their unwelcome presence becomes known. Their size can vary, and the tiny ones are nearly impossible to detect. They can easily hide in hair, fur, shoes and clothing. If a tick bite becomes infected, it can become a serious and even life-threatening matter.

Tick-Borne Diseases

In 2013, Maine experienced its first documented death in more than a decade as a result of a rare-tick-borne illness, other than Lyme. The frequency of the Powassan virus has been increasing over the past several years, and mainly in the Northeast and Great Lakes Region. This virus moves into the blood stream and is transmitted by an infected tick in just about an hour. Symptoms are fast and brutal and include brain swelling, which can lead to death. In addition to Lyme, many southern Maine communities, including Cape Elizabeth, are testing positive for ticks affected with the Powassan virus.

Currently, there is no treatment for this virus, which makes other tick-borne diseases look like a walk in the park. Typically, it takes a tick 48 to 72 hours to transmit Lyme disease and the bite is most commonly spotted by its trademarked bullseye rash at the bite site. Fortunately, here in Maine, we have only seen these two kinds of tick-borne illnesses. Other states, including those in southern New England, are seeing additional diseases on the rise.

Tick Control for Your Lawn

Removing tick habitat from your yard is the best place to start when it comes to controlling your tick population. This includes cleaning up leaf litter and keeping your grass short. The next step is to decide on a tick-control program to ensure you, your family and your pets are safe from ticks when playing out in the yard. Working with trusted tree, shrub and lawn care professionals, like Lucas Tree Experts, can help you implement an effective tick control program. Contact us today!

In the meantime, be vigilant. Every time you, your kids, and your pets come in from the outside, conduct a thorough tick check. Ticks can be pesky, tiny and hard to spot, but it’s important to check your pets at least once a day. This simple task is rewarding for the peace of mind it provides.

Other Pests in Maine

pest control in maineWinter moths are especially active right now as the trees are swelling with buds – the perfect buffet. Their voracious appetites will show itself as the leaves being to open and the foliage becomes laced or shredded. This causes your trees to starve for food as trees are dependent on their foliage for photosynthesis. The teams at Lucas Tree Experts are busy treating brown tail moths and winter moths throughout the region. For more information on these pests, check out our April Maine Lawn & Yard Pest Control Update.

The cool weather pattern of cold evenings and chilly days has helped delay the hatching of mosquitos. With some warmer days ahead, these insects will be buzzing around in no time. If you’re looking for tips to do your part in reducing mosquitos this season, we’ve got ten tips to help control mosquito breeding areas. This pairs nicely with a treatment plan implemented by our tree, shrub and lawn care professionals at Lucas Tree Experts.

Give Lucas Tree Experts a call today! Our trusted team of mosquito and tick control professionals can help identify your lawn and pest-control needs so you can enjoy your yard all summer long!