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Maine Lawn & Yard Pest Control Update

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Pest control of brown tail mothsSpring is here and Maine families are starting to emerge from their winter dens and spending more time outside enjoying their lawns and gardens. Unfortunately, along with the pleasure of outdoor living, comes exposure to common outdoor pests, including moths, ticks, and mosquitoes.

This time of year, it’s important to remember to check yourself, your kids, and your pets for ticks, since they are already active for the season. Tick are most known for transmitting Lyme Disease, however there are other diseases on the rise in Maine and nearby states. Mosquitoes haven’t hatched quite yet but they are expected to crash onto the scene VERY soon. And caterpillars will arrive with the emergence of leaves on our trees.

Winter Moths are showing up

As April wraps up, the winter moth is showing itself in Cape Elizabeth and trailing into the Scarborough and South Portland areas of Mainshredded leaf from winter moths in mainee. This time of year, the signs of winter moth occur with the budding of your trees. As leaves emerge, the winter moth caterpillars will give your leaves a shredded lace look. While oak and crab trees are most susceptible to winter moths, all deciduous trees in your yard could harbor an infestation.

 Brown tail moths in southern Mid-Coast area

Chances are if you’re in the Topsham, Brunswick, Freeport and even the Falmouth areas of Maine, you’re already aware of your brown tail moth situation. During the fall and winter, the infamous white webbed nests of the brown tail moth are apparent at the top and branch tips of your trees. Oak and crab trees are most inclined to infestation. These nests will be crawling in the next few weeks, if not sooner. Be cautious of these pests, as the hairs of this caterpillar can cause severe skin rashes.

Dealing with these pests

Webs, nests and insect larvae are often high up in trees, hard to reach, and are difficult for a home owner to effectively control. According to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, “It’s best to seek professional help from an arborist who is a licensed applicator.” While climbing a tree might be fun, don’t climb for pests! Call your lawn and yard pest control professional at Lucas Tree Experts to schedule an appointment at the best time of year to deal with these pests.  They’ve got the equipment to reach the tops of those trees and the tools to take care of the infestation effectively with the right products to keep your trees, shrubs, and lawn – not to mention your family – healthy and happy.

For expert pest control, call Lucas Tree Experts

When it comes to winter and brown tail moths, the spring is the ideal time to take care of the infestationwinter moth in maine – although winter moth treatments can be done in the fall. If you’re dealing with an infestation now, chances are they will return in the fall. Typically, the nests for these moths are located towards the top of trees. If these are tall shade trees, over 80 feet above the ground, it’s hard for homeowners to take care of it on their own; smaller trees are easier to prune for brown tail moths. If you see evidence of brown tail moths, call Lucas Tree Experts today.