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How to Build a Sustainable Lawn with Organic Soil Conditioning

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Sustainable Lawn with Organic Soil Conditioning

There is something so satisfying when you look at your lawn and see a lush, green turf where your kids and pets can enjoy the outdoors. That’s what all the hard work is for, right? That and impressing the neighbors, of course.  But in your quest for that unblemished lawn, are you damaging the soil in which it grows and potentially exposing your pets and kids to harsh chemicals? The answer is that you don’t have to.

Many homeowners include some type of soil conditioning treatment as part of their lawn care ritual. The lawn care professionals at Lucas Tree Experts agree that this is an important step. This conditioning process includes adding nutrients to the soil through fertilizer, and as a result, enriching the soil to maintain peak conditions. However, what actually happens to the soil in which your lawn grows is very different depending on if you use chemical or organic fertilizers.

Organic vs. Chemical Lawn Fertilizers for Soil Conditioning

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Many soil conditioning treatments consist of treating your lawn with a chemical fertilizer that provides artificial nutrients to your grass. The result? A lush, green lawn due to the fertilizers being absorbed by the plant quickly. While this is a short-term victory, in the long run, this ends up depleting the soil in the lawn’s ecosystem, including those vital nutrients your turf needs to flourish over the long term. These chemical fertilizers encourage your lawn’s dependency on the cycle of treatment, that, in turn, strips your soil of natural nutrients and microbes that make up a sustainable lawn.

Looking to break the cycle of dependency?  Converting to an organic fertilizer for soil conditioning is a great way to bring new life to your home turf. This holistic approach focuses first on a healthy soil environment. Instead of depleting nutrients from the soil with each application, organic fertilizers put real nutrients back into the soil. This restores your lawn’s natural ecosystem so it will continue to thrive in the years to come.

Changing Expectations with Organic Lawn Care

Switching to a more environmentally friendly lawn care treatment, such as organic soil conditioning, doesn’t yield results overnight – it’s about the long-term health of your lawn. The focus of organic social conditioning is about creating a healthy soil environment. Post-application, your turf won’t magically turn a stunning shade of green – and that’s ok! What it IS doing is replenishing the living and non-living materials in the soil to give the roots of your lawn a happy, healthy, and complete environment in which to thrive. You are building a sustainable lawn.

Organic lawn care is a long-term solution with long-term results. Improvements to your lawn will be seen with each application but not at the same scale as with chemical treatments. Just remember – you are building a sustainable lawn that can satisfy the needs of your turf on its own.

Trust the Law Care Professionals

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It’s important to work with professional lawn care experts, like those at Lucas Tree Experts, when using an organic soil conditioning treatment. These professionals are stewards of healthy lawns and will make sure that treatments are done during the proper time of year and at the proper levels needed. Standard, store-bought options can often be too generalized in their N-P-K makeup. N-P-K stands for nitrogen (chemical N), phosphorus (chemical P), and potassium (chemical K) – three of the nutrients that your plants need that come from the soil. The combination of these three nutrients will vary depending on the time of year.

In the spring, which is growing season, your lawn will typically need a different N-P-K ratio to support growth versus the end of summer and fall when you’re looking to strengthen the roots for the upcoming dormant, cold winter months. Working with a trusted lawn care professional will ensure that your lawn receives the correct N-P-K blend to support the nutrients needed to continue to build a strong, healthy, and sustainable lawn.

Another benefit of going organic for soil conditioning? No down time. You don’t have to keep the kids and pets inside on those beautiful sunny days after a soil conditioning treatment! Since there are no harsh chemicals, they are free to run, frolic and enjoy your lawn without worry.