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Lawn Care Goals. Even Your Lawn Should Have ‘em.

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Lawn Care GoalsAs our lawns wake up from their winter slumber, grab a rake and start cleaning up that leaf litter. All those leftover leaves from fall that have been covered in snow can have a detrimental impact on our lawns during the spring and summer. Raking is one of the most important lawn care tasks you can do because it prevents dead spots, allows the sun to photosynthesize your grass, which helps your lawn flourish during those glorious months of summer.

But what’s next when it comes to your lawn care?

Chances are, every home and garden store you frequent is luring you with lawn care treatments for that “perfect” lawn. From killing crab grass, grubs, and other pests, to creating that perfect green lawn, these bags of treatment tout all sorts of promises. Most of us succumb at some point, unsure of what we bought, and wondering if it will actually do the job.

lawn care spreaderWhat makes this process so frustrating for most homeowners, is that many home gardeners don’t have the skills and understanding of how to use these treatments effectively. We often end up buying too much or too little. And we purchase tools and equipment that we use once or twice a year. In addition, most do-it-yourself lawn care treatments are “broad spectrum,” meaning they treat a little bit of everything, like grubs – even if you don’t have a grub problem in your lawn. They can also kill beneficial insect like bees and ladybugs. Many homeowners end up accidentally over-applying lawn treatments, sending chemicals running into the waterways and resulting in those dreaded “LAWN CHEMICALS — KEEP OFF” days for your family and pets.

Setting goals for your lawn care

The best way to prevent these lawn care “mis-treatments” is to have a clear plan of what you want for your lawn and working with experts who are trained in bringing out the best of your garden and lawn. Working with lawn care professionals, like our team at Lucas Tree Experts, can help you assess your landscape and work with you to achieve the goals.

raking leaves on lawnWorking with a lawn care expert from Lucas Tree is a hands-on experience as they asses the health of your entire landscape, not just your grass. Our experts want to know what you’re dreaming of for your yard, and by assessing the health of your trees, shrubs, soil, and more, they can create a customized plan to make your vision a reality.

Having goals for your landscape and working with a lawn care professional from Lucas Tree Experts will ensure that your lawn is treated only for what it needs. At Lucas, we also offer our Best Practices Package that is organic-based, bee friendly, and will make sure your pets and kids don’t miss a day playing outdoors while your landscape thrives. Talk to a Lucas Tree Expert today!