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Is Your Lawn as Beautiful as it Should Be? Dealing with Dead Spots.

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Lawn Care Mysteries: Dealing with Dead Spots on lawnThe most common reasons for dead spots on your lawn include reasons that can be remedied with the help of a lawn care professional. It may take a season or two for your lawn to reach its potential but it can be done. Unless you’ve got the money to re-sod your entire lawn, nothing in lawn care happens overnight, especially if you’re looking for a long-term, quality yard to enjoy. A simple visual inspection by a trusted tree, shrub and lawn care professional at Lucas Tree Experts, can remove the guesswork and help initiate a treatment plan specifically for the needs of your lawn.

What Causes Those Dead Spots, Anyway?

Hopefully by now, the remaining leaf litter from your lawn has been cleaned up. With such a wet and chilly spring, many of us fell behind on this weekend task. Some of the spots where the leaf litter clustered, may have left behind a patch of damaged or dead lawn. Some of it may be starting to recover which is a great sign – but what about those other dead spots in your lawn?


If a dead spot on your lawn has recently appeared or you’re watching a patch of lawn gradually die, chances are you arLawn care pests - grubse dealing with an overpopulation of Japanese Beetle grubs. Grubs exist in most everyone’s lawn, but you know they have become a problem if your grass starts to turn brown and die. Grub prevention is not about complete eradication, as there is an acceptable threshold that lawns can tolerate. A grub management plan is key, however, and there are effective and environmentally-conscious options that will leave your lawn healthy and green.

Soil Compaction and Shade

Soil compaction is another reason why your lawn might be dying off. Committing to a plan of aerating your lawn and over seeding with a lawn care professional can help your grass recover efficiently. Too much shade on your property can also be causing your lawn to die off. Seasonal pruning of trees and removal of limbs are an easy and effective way to reclaim your lawn from over shading.

Soil Depth

Newer construction homes often face lawns that die off. This is typically caused by not enough loam, or top soil, placed before the lawn was seeded. Many new yards have inconsistent soil depth. If the soil is too shallow, it cannot retain enough moisture to feed the grass resulting in dead spots. In general, a healthy depth of loam is about 6 inches. If you suspect this is the cause of your dead spots, it could be a larger landscaping issue. Working with a with Lucas Tree Experts, your trusted tree, shrub and lawn care professionals, can help you maximize the strengths of your lawn without breaking the bank.

Dogs can cause dead spots on lawnOh, and don’t forget, a pet relieving itself on your lawn can also cause damage.

Bottom Line

Remember that there really are no shortcuts to repairing a damaged lawn. Grass is a resilient plant when it has the right habitat. Depending on your lawn goals, it typically takes a season or two, to get your yard up to speed. Call Lucas Tree Experts today, your trusted lawn, tree and shrub care professionals can make sure your dead spots recover and that your entire landscape is working toward optimal overall plant health.