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Eco-Friendly Grub Control Options

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Environmentally friendly grub control in Maine by Lucas TreeAs the eco-friendly homeowner you are, you want to do what you can to protect the environment while having the yard you’ve always dreamed of. One common challenge that comes with balancing environmental concerns with lawn health is grub control. These pesky larvae bring homeowners to their knees as they watch their lawn brown out and die. When it comes to dealing with grubs, as the eco-friendly homeowner, there are limited options available that each come with their own challenges in application. Preventive products are used early in the season to prevent a grub infestation starting in spring through mid June. Once an outbreak has occurred, curative treatments are a homeowner’s best bet to save their lawn.

If you’re a homeowner looking to be 100% organic, your options become even more limited as there very few 100% organic products out there that are safe and effective. But, if you’re grub treatment plan includes being as eco-friendly, you can rest assured there is an effective option available to you. Bee-safe certified preventatives are now available in the market; we are now using only this preventative grub option at Lucas Tree Experts.  While they do not fit into a 100% organic program, they are highly effective, are free of toxic neonicotinoids, and much safer for our world.

Grubs in Maine are a Problem

Grubs are small larva, usually that of Japanese beetles or European Chafer beetles, here in Maine, that live in the shallow layers of dirt below your turf. As they mature, they devastate the roots of the grass, grub control in mainekilling your lawn and attracting wildlife that often leave your lawn at the mercy of their digging for a midnight snack. Taking a drive around Maine in June and July, and even into September, and it’s easy to spot who has a grub outbreak – random brown patches in yards and lawns that are being torn apart by squirrels and birds.

Looking for 100% Organic Grub Control Options?

There is a curative grub treatment option that is 100% organic. Nematodes are a microscopic organism that, when applied to your lawn, attack grubs. Treatment with nematodes is not as effective of an option as the certified bee-safe grub preventatives and may require several treatments to overtake the outbreak. Since a successful application of nematodes is incredible sensitive, it may best to work with trusted lawn care professionals, like those at Lucas, to maximize your curative grub control dollars.

Making Eco-Friendly Choices

When it comes to grubs, prevention is the most effective approach. If you are looking to be more eco-friendly with your lawn care treatments, seek out grub preventatives that are certified bee-safe. And if grubs destroy lawns in Maineyou’re under the guidelines of organic lawn care, know that nematodes are an option for you after an outbreak. It’s also important to note that a severe grub infestation may also be a cry from your yard to seek a more organic lawn care regiment. A healthy soil ecosystem can often tolerate an outbreak of grubs with minimal damage as your grass grows deep roots and thick blades.

Implementing Grub Control Care For Your Yard

The trusted lawn care professionals at Lucas are here to help you win back your lawn from a grub outbreak. As stewards of lawn, tree, and plant health, our team works with you to create the best treatment plan. This includes grub treatment options that are certified bee-safe, ensuring that you can remain confident in your eco-friendly reputation while the bees safely enjoy working in your yard. Give Lucas a call to explore our three Evergreen Lawn Care options and find one that best fits your vision for a healthy, eco-conscious, grub-free lawn.