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Winter Moth

Fight Winter Moths Infestation with Tree Banding

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Fighting winter moths in maine with tree banding.It seems that even pest control can’t avoid a throwback to the 1980’s. If you’re old enough, you may remember the gypsy moth infestation across New England during the decade that had folks out in force tarring their trees to capture the caterpillars before they could lay their eggs and ultimately devastate the foliage. Fortunately, this technique has been modernized to be less taxing on the trees and easier to apply and remove: tree banding.

Is Spring the Only Time to Fight Winter Moths?

Many southern Maine towns, including Cape Elizabeth, see a phenomenon this time of year that many others can’t understand. Moths.  More specifically, Winter Moths. This non-native invasive species settles into tall shade trees during late fall, are dormant throughout the winter, and then as the landscape awakens in spring, the little buggers eat the foliage of the trees before they can even bloom.

It can feel frustrating that treatment for Winter Moths is typically done in the spring, after the moths have been living in the trees for months. There is, however another treatment option available from Lucas Tree Experts that can help fight these invaders now.

How Tree Banding Stops Winter Moths

Tree banding is a pesticide-free option for customers facing an outbreak primarily of Winter Moths. Your trusted lawn, tree and shrub professional from Lucas Tree Experts will place a sticky band around the trunk of the tree in early to mid-November. What this bands does is prevent the female moths from crawling up the tree to lay their eggs. The moths get stuck on the band and eventually die. Depending on how bad an infestation is, this band will need to be monitored and replaced over the course of a month, as the band becomes full.

As folks become more and more aware of the environmental impacts of pest control, being proactive is smart strategy. A proactive approach often will lessen the need and demand for more intense treatments. Tree banding is a cost-effective, minimally invasive way to help combat winter moths without pesticides, however, it may not eradicate the infestation completely. Consulting the winter moth control experts at Lucas Tree can help you determine is this proactive approach will be effective for you.