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Fall Lawn Care Tips: Aeration & Overseeding

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The end of summer is the best time of year to treat your lawn to some R&R and ensure thick and healthy greenery next spring. The change in seasons leaves the soil warm, but not hot, and the air is cooler. This provides optimal growing conditions. While the colors of fall are turning, the leaves haven’t dropped yet which means your lawn still has access to fresh air.

Additionally, if your lawn is battling pesky weeds like crab grass, fall is the perfect opportunity to win the battle. Weeds like crab grass prefer growing in hot, dry soil so their ability to flourish lessens this time of year. The professionals at Lucas Tree Experts want to make sure your lawn can get the maximum results with every treatment and recommends aerating your lawn, followed by a overseeding as fall approaches.

Fall Lawn Care Tip #1: What is Aeration?

The purpose of aeration it to allow air and water to penetrate your lawn. This will allow minerals and nutrients to reach deeper in your grass, where the roots are. This technique is especially helpful in areas of soil compaction – the soil is so tightly packed that your lawn and plants are essentially left starving. Chances are, your entire lawn won’t need aeration. The lawn care professionals at Lucas Tree Experts can easily identify which areas of your lawn will benefit most from properly executed aeration.

Successful aeration requires the right tools for success, as does overseeding. The aerator should remove small cones of soil, not simply poke holes into the ground – that process can worsen soil compaction issues. Now that your lawn is getting some fresh air along with better access to minerals and nutrients, the perfect follow up is overseeding.

Fall Lawn Care Tip #2: What is overseeding?

Overseeding is just what it sounds like; the planting of new grass seed directly into the existing lawn without tearing it up.  It’s a great way to enhance your lawn and thicken it in a sustainable way. Bare or thin spots in your lawn will benefit from overseeing the most.

The overseeding process itself includes a handful of steps to ensure success. The trusted lawn care professionals at Lucas Tree Experts can guide you through the preparation, selection of grass seed, and distribution and successful aftercare. Because this happens over your already existing lawn, you won’t have to look at a torn-up yard that you can’t enjoy.

Paired together, aeration and overseeding are proactive ways to keep your lawn lush, thick, heathy and thriving. Your lawn will take a hearty nap during the winter and when it awakens in the spring, you’ll love what you see! If you’re interested to find out how your lawn can benefit from some R&R with aeration and overseeding, reach out to the team at Lucas Tree Experts today!