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Exploring Deep Root Fertilization

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deep root fertilization tips for maine trees If you’ve noticed the canopy of your shade trees thinning over the years, or you’ve recently had a pest infestation or disease outbreak, chances are your trees could benefit from a deep root fertilization this fall.  It should be noted that this is not a remedy to alleviate disease or infestation. Those will need to be cared for based on their specific needs. However, deep root fertilization can improve the strength and overall health of your trees.

What is deep root fertilization?

Deep root fertilization is a way to improve the long-term health of a tree by increasing nutrient availability and functioning of the root system. The fertilization begins with an injection at the root base of the tree that improves its ability to absorb water, oxygen, and other nutrients, especially in dense areas, allowing the tree to flourish.

How to determine if trees are in need of a deep root fertilization?

Again, any tree or shrub that has had a bout with disease or a pest infestation could use a boost and would benefit from a deep root treatment. It can help speed up your tree’s recovery and increase its resistance in the future. Also, trees in high stress situations, like pre- or post- construction areas are great candidates for treatment.

When to apply a deep root fertilization?

deep root fertilization for trees in maineNever apply a deep root fertilization during a hot, dry summer. Spring and fall are optimal times to apply because they are often cool and damp. Rainy, wet conditions are ideal for deep root fertilization injections so that they can penetrate deep into the tree’s root system.

Who should apply a deep root fertilization?

While deep root fertilization might appear to be an easy DIY process, this is definitely a task that is best executed by tree, shrub and lawn professionals. The team at Lucas Tree Experts will make sure that the treatment is injected in the right locations, in the right amounts, with the right formulas, and under the right conditions. If it’s not applied deep enough, the nutrients won’t reach the roots. Additionally, an over-application can burn the tree’s root system leading to an unsatisfactory experience and a potentially damaged tree.

Most trees will prosper with an annual deep root fertilization application. Since deep root fertilization improves the long-term health of your tree, it may take a full year for you to start to see the benefits. However, once the luxurious foliage emerges with a strong, healthier looking tree that is more resistant to pests and diseases, you’ll be thrilled you worked with the tree care professionals at Lucas Tree Experts.