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Exploring Deep Root Fertilization

If you’ve noticed the canopy of your shade trees thinning over the years, or you’ve recently had a pest infestation or disease outbreak, chances are your trees could benefit from a deep root fertilization this fall.  It should be noted … Continue reading

Fight Winter Moths Infestation with Tree Banding

It seems that even pest control can’t avoid a throwback to the 1980’s. If you’re old enough, you may remember the gypsy moth infestation across New England during the decade that had folks out in force tarring their trees to … Continue reading

Winter Tree Care: Preparation for Evergreens

If you have rhododendrons, laurels, azaleas or other evergreens as part of your permanent landscaping, have you ever thought about what they experience during a Maine winter? Evergreens work hard to stay green all year long but winter can definitely … Continue reading

3 Tips to Prepare Your Trees for Hurricanes and Winter Storms

We’re rather fortunate, here in Maine, to avoid most hurricane activity. An occasional storm will survive the trip up the Atlantic Ocean but most do not. What we do see here in Maine is typically the remnants of Southern storms … Continue reading

Are Your Trees Vulnerable to a Fungus Infestation this Summer? Part 2: Pine, Spruce, Oaks, Maples & More!

Spruce and Pine Trees The combination of cold, wet, hot and humid weather this summer has left many coniferous trees vulnerable to fungal disease. A common disease known as Needle Cast has been making its mark on spruce and pine … Continue reading

Are Your Trees Vulnerable to a Fungus Infestation this Summer? Part One: Fruit Trees

It’s summer in Maine, finally! The weather has been all over the place and this greatly impacts the health of your lawn shrubs and tree care. We’ve had some cold, wet weather followed by blasts of heat and humidity this … Continue reading

Lawn Care Goals. Even Your Lawn Should Have ‘em.

As our lawns wake up from their winter slumber, grab a rake and start cleaning up that leaf litter. All those leftover leaves from fall that have been covered in snow can have a detrimental impact on our lawns during … Continue reading

Winter Damaged Tree Care Tips

When you live in New England, winter tree damage on your property is a high probability. From extreme temperature fluctuations to breakage under the weight of snow and/or ice, tree damage is caused by many different factors. And while it’s … Continue reading

Winter is a Great Time for Tree Care

Winter can be a good time to take care of many home projects indoors, but it’s also a great time to take stock on the size, shape and condition of the trees on your property. With the New Year now … Continue reading

How Trees and Lawns Rely on Each Other

In the same way that there are ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people’, there are some homeowners who would much prefer a treeless, turf-grass-only property and those who would never consider living in a home that was not surrounded by trees. … Continue reading

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