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Keeping Tree & Lawn Pests in Check: Tips for Maine Homeowners

The sun is setting earlier, there’s a nip in the air, and the leaves are starting to turn. As summer winds down we typically notice that activity on the pest front starts to slow down. This is a welcomed reprise … Continue reading

Maine Lawn & Yard Pest Control Update: June

As the temperatures rise, the pests in your yard evolve. June fades into July and suddenly dead spots appear in our lawns, winter moths begin to fall from our trees, and other pests damage our trees and shrubs. While some … Continue reading

Maine Lawn & Yard Pest Control Update: May

Tick Season: Ticks are Active As warm temperatures descend upon Maine, everyone is excited to get outside and start enjoying their yards again. But chances are, you, your kids, or your pets have already returned inside with a tick or … Continue reading

Maine Lawn & Yard Pest Control Update

Spring is here and Maine families are starting to emerge from their winter dens and spending more time outside enjoying their lawns and gardens. Unfortunately, along with the pleasure of outdoor living, comes exposure to common outdoor pests, including moths, … Continue reading

10 Tips To Help Control Mosquito Breeding Areas

The absolute easiest mosquito to control is the one that is never born. That’s the principle thought behind an initiative from the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention – to educate all Mainers about the simple things they can … Continue reading

2016 Maine Tick and Mosquito Problem Update

After a long, dark and dreary winter, springtime in Maine is universally celebrated. For it brings with it more sunshine, warmer temperatures and greater opportunities to get outside and enjoy our beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, the downside to warmer temperatures also … Continue reading

Prime Time for Lyme: How to Protect Yourself From Ticks

It might seem like New England’s recent long, brutal, snow-packed winter would assist in combatting tick populations come spring, but the bad news is that the abundant snow might actually have acted as a protective blanket for them1. It’s no … Continue reading

You Found A Tick on You, Now What?

When you think about ticks, you may think you’re at greatest risk taking a hike through dense woods or camping in the wilderness. Would you be surprised to know that 75% of Lyme disease cases are contracted within one hundred … Continue reading

Professional Pest Control: Mosquitoes, Ticks, Grubs, Winter Moths – Oh My!

Insects are capable of ruining your lawn, trees and gardens. That’s why many homeowners’ first instinct is to eradicate them with pesticides. However, jumping the gun when it comes to pest control is never a good idea, because the underlying … Continue reading

The Importance of Tick Control

The arrival of spring doesn’t just mean that more sunshine and warmer weather is on the way; it also marks the beginning the tick season. Few things are as bothersome or unnerving when you are trying to relax and enjoy … Continue reading

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