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5 Tips for Stress-Free Exterior Holiday Lighting

Sure, you LOVE the way your home looks when its lit up and decorated for the holidays. But do you love the stress that comes with it? So many questions come up when decking the halls for the holidays. Things … Continue reading

Seek Professional Help in 2016: Holiday Lighting Services for Your Business

For most businesses, the end of year holiday season is make-it-or-break-it time. From consumer retail stores to professional service businesses, one thing is clear at this time of year – time is money – and they aren’t making any more … Continue reading

Why Hire a Professional Holiday Lighting Service?

What’s true in July can also be true in November. In the same way that practically anyone in Maine can walk into a fireworks store, purchase a bunch of colorful explosives and later launch them into the night sky, any … Continue reading

Holiday Lighting Services for Your Business

It’s no secret that the holiday season is the busiest time of year for retail businesses. While online shopping has certainly become much more prevalent in recent years, brick and mortar shops still receive more foot traffic during the last … Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Holiday Lighting Professional

There are few family moments more beautiful and memorable than everyone piling into the car on a crisp, clear winter night and driving through nearby neighborhoods to admire the warm glow of houses adorned with twinkling holiday lights. This timeless … Continue reading

Why LED Christmas Lighting Is Perfect For Your Business

Christmas is a cherished time of giving and celebration, especially here in the Northeast. We spend our days sledding, decorating the tree, and shopping for loved ones! It’s this last reason why businesses need to get into the holiday spirit … Continue reading

Holiday Lighting Services to Light Up Your Winter Fun

There is an indisputable beauty about winter in Maine. The land is covered in soft blankets of white snow, and the trees gleam in the sunlight with beads and strands of dazzling icicles. During snowstorms, we huddle inside and watch … Continue reading

Creating a Magical Winter Wonderland with Christmas Lighting

Nothing makes you feel like a little kid again quite like looking at a display of Christmas lighting—and few things are as breathtaking. In fact, one of the most exciting benefits of being a homeowner is having the freedom to … Continue reading

History of Holiday Lighting

In 1882, the first Christmas tree to be decorated with light bulbs instead of candles was introduced to the world by Edward H. Johnson, the vice president of Thomas Edison’s electric company1. A reporter for the Detroit Post and Tribune … Continue reading

Commercial Holiday Lighting: Light Up Your Holiday Sales

Could anything make us feel more wrapped up in the holiday spirit than bundling up for the wintery weather and going shopping for loved ones under the warm glow of festive seasonal lighting? It is no secret that retail sales … Continue reading