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5 Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Tips to Optimize Your Lawn for Fall

Fall is the perfect season for the eco-conscious homeowner to improve their lawn. The warm days and cool nights of autumn provide ideal conditions for providing some R&R for your yard. If you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly, following … Continue reading

Five Ways to Make Your Lawn More Eco-Friendly

As a responsible homeowner that values the beauty of Maine, you don’t mind a little hard-work, sweat, and investment in keeping your yard lookin’ good. However, you don’t want to break your back or your budget. Adopting more eco-friendly practices … Continue reading

Watering Your Way to an Eco-Friendly Lawn

As the hot summer months roll in, the combination of steady sun and lack of rain can easily dry out most any lawn. Watering your grass may seem like a no-brainer to combat a dry lawn, but incorrect lawn watering … Continue reading

Organic Lawn Care Becomes Law in Many Maine Cities and Towns

As a homeowner, you’re working hard to be environmentally conscious when it comes to your lawn care. More and more communities across Maine are doing the same as they adopt lawn care ordinances that ban pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides in … Continue reading

Keeping Tree & Lawn Pests in Check: Tips for Maine Homeowners

The sun is setting earlier, there’s a nip in the air, and the leaves are starting to turn. As summer winds down we typically notice that activity on the pest front starts to slow down. This is a welcomed reprise … Continue reading

Five Essential Lawn Care Tools Every Homeowner Needs

In order to have a beautiful, strong lawn, you need to have the right tools. A trip to your local home and garden store proves that, when it comes to lawn care, there is no shortage of tools and gadgets—but … Continue reading

Lucas Tree Experts Receives Prestigious State Award

We are excited to announce to our customers, our business partners, and our staff that Lucas Tree was awarded the prestigious 2015 Governor’s Award for Business Excellence by Governor Paul LePage. The annual award, which has recognized successful Maine businesses … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Professional Tree Care Service

A landscape that is capable of growing a beautiful, lush lawn with perfectly shaped trees is by no means a one-step process. It requires ongoing regular care and maintenance—both of which can be difficult for the average homeowner to do … Continue reading

Professional Pest Control: Mosquitoes, Ticks, Grubs, Winter Moths – Oh My!

Insects are capable of ruining your lawn, trees and gardens. That’s why many homeowners’ first instinct is to eradicate them with pesticides. However, jumping the gun when it comes to pest control is never a good idea, because the underlying … Continue reading

Mosquito Infestation: What Works and What Doesn’t

Everybody wants to get rid of mosquitoes, and this undeniable fact is reflected in the ever-growing number of pest control products available to consumers today. However, the majority of the big claims and promises that these products make don’t often … Continue reading

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