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About Us

About Lucas Tree - Professional Tree Experts

About Us

Mission Statement:

To be a leader in our industry by delivering quality goods and services to our customers, by being responsible members of the community, and by providing employees with opportunities to achieve their personal goals.

John Lucas founded this company three generations ago to help the power company complete the electrification of rural Maine. Today we build on a broad base of loyal employees and customers. We’ve been present at the birth of most major developments in the tree care industry over the past century, and we enjoy our leadership role.

The future of our company will be driven by a determination to remain an industry leader. This commitment includes:

  • constant training and re-training of our dedicated work force
  • regular acquisition of new and more sophisticated tools and equipment
  • continued willingness to venture into new service areas

We’ve worked long and hard in this industry, and we see ourselves as one of its leaders.  In the years, ahead we will continue to embrace innovation and continue to demand excellence from our workers, while providing safe, reliable services for our customers.